Yacht Request

The global motoryacht market



Who can list boats on the Yacht Request marketplace?

Only registered brokers and dealers can add their yachts to the market.

What value can the platform offer sellers?

  • Free use of the platform for one year without any restrictions.
  • The audience that is most interested in purchasing new and pre-owned motor yachts, which visits the market directly from the magazine and search engines.
  • Maximum user trust due to the fact that only industry professionals are present on the market.
  • Direct links to company websites, the ability to add videos in listings, high site speed, maximum security and excellent technical support.

Is there a commission for the sale of a yacht?

No, there is only an annual account renewal fee.

How many yachts can I place on the marketplace?

The number of listings is not limited.

Can I add sailboats for sale?

No, there is no sailboat category on the platform.

What happens if I decide not to renew my account for another year?

Then next year you will no longer be able to add new yachts for sale. However, all listings that you previously added to the marketplace will still be active and available for management.

How to register?

To create a brokerage account, please submit a request here