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VAR950 Custom

 Monohull yacht project / Var Tenders B.V. / 117 views

  • Exterior designer: Var Tenders B.V.
  • Interior designer: Var Tenders B.V.
  • LOA (m): 9.5
  • Beam (m): 3
  • Draft (m): 0.4 / 0.9
  • Displacement (t): 3.2
  • Hull material: Aluminium

The VAR950 tender is a highly versatile and customizable boat built with durable aluminum construction. Its design ensures exceptional performance and reliability in various water conditions. The tender’s aluminum structure offers superior strength while remaining lightweight, allowing for easy maneuverability and handling. Whether used for leisurely cruises or as a superyacht tender, the VAR950 provides a comfortable and stable ride to its owners. Its customizability enable owners to personalize the boat according to their preferences and specific requirements. With its combination of a minimalist design, customization options, and aluminum build, the VAR950 tender stands out as an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts.